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Application to Join and Rules.


1.To apply, you must be at least 13 years of age.

2. There is a 2-week trial membership after acceptance.

3. You must be active on the LOTRO forums.

4. Respect the Code of Conduct of the Numen-Ohtar and of LOTRO both in-game and out.

5. You are requested to look at other kinships before deciding to join.

6. PM the application below to the recruiter(s).

7. No starting/joining other kinships. Those caught doing so will be banished from the Numen-Ohtar.

8. Remember that during the two-week trial period, your membership can be terminated. This should be your way of proving to us that you will be an active member.

9. Must aid the free peoples of Middle-Earth.

10. Must never reveal kinship secrets to those outside of our clan.

11. Must protect other members of the Numen-Ohtar from being bad-mouthed/slandered, and must not slander/bad-mouth a member of this kinship or anyone else.

12. DO NOT ABUSE YOUR RANK! This will result in either your immediate banishment or you will be asked to explain yourself in front of the council. An example: telling someone of lower level (or rank) to give you something in-game or out.


NOTE: We accept all races.

PM this form to either ELF_BOY1 or SabreMaiden or Thandreil at the LOTRO forums.


Real Age:

Country you are currently in:

Is English your primary language:

Your in-game character and any other information you'd like to share about him/her:

Desired in-game race and subclass:

Why you should be allowed to become a member:

How well versed you are in Tolkien's work/what you have read:

Previous MMORPG experience:

Expected hours of playing LOTRO per week:

How did you find out about us and why did you decided to join:


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