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Ambassador: Keep up to date on the Kinships we have friendships with, post on there LOTRO thread and forums and getting to know other Kinships.


News Letter Manager: You will be sent articles written by the Journalists and will compile any information you find other members of Numen-Ohtar havent found out about, check-in statistics should be put in the News letter. After a certain amount of time (maybe a week) the manager will make a news letter formatting and making the appearance any way he deems fit and send it to all the members of Numen-Ohtar.

Journalists: Will write articles and rumors, wants, LOTRO news and the such and send it to the Manager.

NOTE: All of it sounds simple but Im sure the Manager may have a tough job.


Class Leaders: Chosen by the Elders after passing a series of tests. Which includes the Ambassador, though s/he would have a separate Elder-Relations council. They must also be active and alive within the kinship.


Second in Command: To be chosen by the Class Leader at own discretion. Seconds answer to C.L, but ultimately, Elders pass final judgement. Or judgement if the matter has been decided as out of the C.L.'s hands.


Third in Command: Chosen by an agreement of C.L. and S.i.C., they answer to them both, but Elders ultimately.


Fourth in Command: Answers to Elders, C.L. S.i.C. and T.i.C, respectively. Chosen in agreement twixt C.L. and T.i.C.


Recruits/Pledges: These are newer members who have chosen patron members in their class of choice. They will be the lower level fighters until they've proven themselves worthy of a higher position. They can challenge current position holders in ways that can test their aptitude against another's. The C.L. and/or Elders will review these challenges before a decision is reached.


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