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During the Second Age, kings of Numenor became greedy for more power and wealth. Eventually, Tar-Atanamir spoke against the Ban against Men going into the West, declaring that immortality was rightfully his. At that time the Numenoreans divided. The two divisions consisted of the Kings and those loyal to them, estranging them from the Eldar and Valar, but there were those that still were loyal to the Valar, naming themselves the Elendili, or Elf-friends, also called the Faithful.

Finally the last king of Numenor, Ar-Pharazon the Golden, was the proudest and most powerful of all the Numenorean Kings. Deciding to challenge Sauron himself for rule of Middle-Earth, Pharazon landed at Umbar. Sauron, his servants having deserted him, surrendered to Pharazon and was taken to Numenor as prisoner. But using his cunning, he held the king's ear, speaking lies that doomed Numenor. Sauron turned Ar-Pharazon on the Valar and Eldar, saying that they were evil and that immortality could be Pharazonïs if he conquered the Undying Lands.

So fearing his own life, Ar-Pharazon set out West with the greatest armament the world had ever seen. At Pharazon's landing on Aman, Manwe called upon Iluvatar, who showing his power, opened a great chasm between the Undying Lands and Numenor, swallowing the great fleet. The foundations of Numenor overturned and the home of the Dunedain was destroyed.

By the grace of the Valar and Iluvatar, Elendil and his sons with nine ships of their people escaped to Middle-Earth. Establishing the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor, Elendil and his sons aided the Elves in their battle with Sauron for Middle-Earth.


Among the survivors on the ships of the Dunedain was one named Elindir who having witnessed Sauron's corruption of the Numenoreans, swore to fight Evil and save the weak from those who would harm them. So with his Dunedain followers and kin, Elindir set out to hunt down and destroy Sauron and all those who represented evil. Journeying all over the kingdoms of Men and the lands of the Elves, this solitary group of Dunedain, though small, became known as enemies to Sauron.

Hunting far and wide for their enemies on one long hunt, the nameless band of Dunedain came into a dense forest. Traveling warily, Elindir and his followers stalked through the forest bows drawn and swords loosened in their sheaths. Suddenly without warning they were set upon by a large force of Mordor orcs screaming obscenities and loosing bestial roars. Heavily outnumbered, Elindir's band was surrounded and loosing the numbers they had rather quickly. The orcs were taking heavy losses but still having the advantage of a four to one ratio against the Dunedain were slowly wearing them down. Elindir looking around, hope slowly slipping away, yelled a battle cry.

In the distance, a band of Elven rangers catching the sounds of clashing steel and the screams of the dying, rushed forward. Notching arrows and unsheathing swords on the run, two elves, one with a dimly shining blade and the other with twin blades, stopped at the edge of the trees just in time to notice a tall, dark-haired man wielding his sword skillfully, howling a battle cry. Taking in the numbers of the men and orcs, the elves glanced at each other with a smile and led the others to the ranger's aid.

Elindir looking up as he disemboweled an orc was shocked to see two elves followed by many more charge at the large force of orcs from behind. Arrows whistling into the orcs ranks evened the odds now that the elves were there to aid the men. Then the slaughter began. The twin Elven leaders like dancers with their blades ended the lives of many orcs that night. The orcs were being crushed between the hammer and the anvil. Abruptly it was over, the cries of the injured piercing the night as the stench of battle began to rise up and eastward by a gentle breeze.

The elf with twin blades ordered the others to take care of the wounded, and the two elves who led the attack walked up to Elindir. Both sides gazing at each other, weighing each other, tried to gauge each's worth. Suddenly the elf with that wielding the shining blade, laughed aloud. Taking a step forward the elf gripped Elindir's hand in a warrior's grip.

Making introductions that revealed the elf called Thandreil wielding his elven blade and the elf with the shining blade as Arlin, the elves and men grouped together. They became a band that hunted down evil and protected the throughout the age and on.

The small group consisting of three elves and a woman slumped to the ground in a clearing in the forests a few miles away from Bree. Few words were said as they slipped off their packs and made camp. Finally with a fire blazing and a dinner of jerky and slightly stale bread followed by water, the four adventurers talked freely among themselves.

Thandreil with a curved elven blade, laughed at a joke from the elf called Jant who had a bow by his side and an Elven sword at his hip. . The woman with her bow at her side and twin sabres sheathed and resting on her hips, turned to look at them. She turned back at a gesture from a cloaked elf with his hood down revealing a jagged scar across his face, a long black bow on his back, and a sword with runes on the hilt at his side, designating him as Arlin. Smiling at his comment, the female Ranger laughed merrily. Glancing at Thandreil and Arlin, both friends of her ancestor, Elindir, this Sabre-Maiden smiled. Setting down her cup and plate, she looked at her companions in turn.

"My friends and kin, we of the Numen-Ohtar fight against evil and protect the weak. Today was a brutal day yet we destroyed more orcs and evil creatures to further our cause. Some day we shall see the end of all evil and there shall be peace. Until then let us journey once more to hunt down evil and protect the free peoples of middle earth!"

~Thus it has been written. May it not fall from memory while there is one left of us to weild a sword~

From one who has passed into the memory of the Numen-Ohtar, Arlin and edited by SabreMaiden on 2/14/06


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