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(8/26/06) Long time since I've updated the website, application and rules page as well as the members page has been updated. Its a small update but I'm getting somewhere.

(5/17/06) Members page has been updated.

(5/12/06) Duties page has been updated and so has the members page, they have been updated due to the new sub-ranks for the Kinship News-letter.

(5/11/06) Well I've updated the members page. I think I might update some of the other pages so stay tuned!

(3/29/06) Members page updated. People have been placed in their correct positions. if you have not been placed on the ranks please PM me on our forums and be sure to tell me what Class you want to be.

(2/28/06) History page has been updated and there are new header images on every page (except home page).

(2/26/06) We have a new member, everyone welcome kayla! and also the 'home' button now works!

(2/22/06) Ranks have been updates finally!!! Also Duties of the ranks are posted on the 'Duties' page!!!

(2/18/06) khazaddum0813 has been kicked from our clan due to being in another clan (agreed by all the Elders). Also the History page of our website is new and has had a little bit of editing (due to some errors). Be sure to look for more annoucements in the future soon!!!

(1/30/06) We have a NEW member again all welcome Shadeofdeath.

(1/17/06)We have a new member called khazaddum0813.

(11/7/05) The 'Member list' has been updated. And we have a new member. Also I have added the names of everyone's Kinship forum name.

(10/29/05) The 'mandatory attendence check' was yesterday and everyone in the Kinship received emails notifing them about it and everyone except Sayajin checked in (except Sabre who is sick and whos PC is broke).

(10/11/05) I erased a few people from our members list (I hadnt taken em off yet) and cleaned up the History page a bit.

(8/29/05) Everyone please welcome a new member to our kinship, Elkman856)

(8/27/05) Everyone please welcome Thandrahil to our Kinship.

(8/23/05)Everyone please welcome Forochir to our Kinship.

(8/23/05) Kzar has been kicked from the Kinship because he didnt show up for Check ins three times and didnt respond to PMs.

(8/06/05) Everyone welcome Kozmik! our new member, he has been added in the Members page so go check it out.

(8/03/05) We now have a friendship with 'Followers of Light', and a new part of the website is coming up soon, i already have link in nav bar but it just says this thingy is coming up (or something like that) and ranks have been edited, a lot of ranks have been renamed and some ranks added.

(7/25/05) Everyone except Kzar, Jerry461 and Nagimor get a promo. Members page is updated.

(7/19/05) we have a new member called Nagimor. ITS PARTY TIME! WE ARE NOW IN THE TWO DIGIT ZONE FOR NUMBER OF MEMBERS! W()()T!

(7/16/05) We have a new member, his name is Kzar.

(7/07/05) WOOPS! i meant to say Farethor. (7/07/07) Feanaro has quit the kinship, because he bought a Laptop and doesnt have a REAL computer ;). He said he MAY come back and play some how.

(06/17/05)THIS WEBSITE IS NOW OPEN!!! WOOT! however me and a friend will be putting little stuff here and their. note: i will be on the chatgango chat bot (look to the right of your computer) from 2:13 to 3:00 eastern time.

(05/31/05) This site is underconstruction.

Old news from the old website.

(6/06/05) I am still working on the Website and i hope that by the end of the week it will be done, well maybe a few tweeks here and their. Also let us welcome Sgt.Rinny to the Kinship.

(5/18/05) BIG WOOP!!!!! NEW WEBSITE IS COMING UP! SHOULD BE UP IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO (but im not promising anything).

(5/14/05) A new website for Numen Ohtar is coming up!

(5/11/05) Arlin has been banned from the Kinship due to his behavoir towards Elders of the Kinship and cursing in the forums.

(4/24/05) We are currently recruiting. and have gotten 2 more members since we went public.

(4/8/05) the *NEW* history is up!!! W()()T

(4/5/05) the Prancing Pony Chat room is now up and running. REALLY IT IS!!! to find out more info come to this link http://elfboy11.proboards25.com/index.cgi?board=ANN&action=display&num=1112727348

I am thinking about becoming a premium user for freewebs so that i can do a lot more stuff with the website. AND ALSO!!!! the member list it updated!!! YAAAA Plus their are a few new things on the forum


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